Saturday, January 4, 2020

Dubstep Radio

Just like you, I love Dubstep and I want to highlight the best Dubstep Radio shows on the internet, over the coming weeks I'll post some fantastic shows for you to check out. If you want to know when the best Dubstep Radio Shows are on then this will be your favourite place to come.

If your new to the dubstep scene or an avid fan of everything dubstep then I highly recommend Box of Dub from Soul Jazz Records. With all the heavy hitters from the dubstep scene on here, these are some of the mainstay tracks and artists that you'll hear on Dubstep Radio.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Dubstep Radio

More dubstep radio found, you have to check out, they've got a mash-up going on that has to be heard. Lotsa Dubstep podcasts then there's some ska, breakbeat, blip-hop and even punk. The dubstep mixes and remixes have to be played out.. is good on Wednesdays with two dubstep radio shows featuring Aries and then Dubstation featuring Boogie Dave and Roskoe - this show is totally dedicated to dubstep, there's no genre flipping here.. Check it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dubstep Radio Posts

Check out these great Dubstep Radio posts

  • dubstep radio - dubstep on dubplates yes wicked show dlo tracks you got there in the bag, :) nice keep up the good work.

  • dubstep radio - Woah! This radio channel kicks ass! Just spent the last 5 hours listening constantly, and it’sa constant stream of happy heavy heavy dubstep. Visit for listening options or use this direct link to play it in your favourite ...

  • Dubstep Canada » Blog Archive » Tar Paper Landscapes - new ill ... - Dubstep Radio · Downtempo Canada · Dubslingers. Recent Posts. Tar Paper Landscapes - new ill-esha mix A new mix from Vancouver-based producer, DJ and vocalist ill-esha featuring original material .. TRACKLIST 1) Off Kilter - Tipper ...

  • The latest tracks are exclusively on DubstepXclusive - Those interested in nabbing those songs for their own music players can go to Dubstep radio to find out how. The network also provides information on some of the best stories about dubstep from other media sources. ...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dubstep Radio

To get started on listening to some excellent dubstep radio shows, you should head to or the highly recommended
Listening to Dubstep you'll hear tunes comprised of elements of the largely South London-based 2step, as well as elements of dub reggae ; however dubstep has quickly incorporated other influences. Expect subbass,(so turn on that woofer!) and heavily syncopated, yet often sparse rhythms, often shuffled or incorporating triplets.

Dubstep Video